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Tap into the energy that drives peak performance for you, the teams you work with, or your organization. Brian has created a dynamic process based on his experience as a US Army Ranger, Corporate Executive, Organizational Design Consultant, Entrepreneur, and Life Coach that is designed to identify the most important driving values for his clients. Accelerate! is a customized, cost-effective and action-oriented training plan that can quickly deliver measurable results.
Accelerate! is designed to deliver
Rapid, Methodical, Scalable, Personal and Professional Growth with Life Balance
Accelerate! is the perfect platform for entrepreneurs, career executives, sales professionals, and business owners

The Accelerate Program can help you:


Accelerate! Coaching Program

  • Significantly Increase Your Income
  • Establish a Vision
  • Create a Lasting Strategy
  • Balance Business and Life Goals
  • Develop Resilient Leadership and Teams
  • Take Decisive Action
  • Utilize Effective Communications
  • Build Trust
  • Construct an Ethical Decision Making Framework
  • Situational Leadership
  • Manage Stress and Organizational Change

Brian Williams on the Accelerate! Coaching Program

In June of 1992, I met a group of World War II veterans who had jumped into occupied France, scaled the cliffs at Point Du Hoc, and stormed the beaches of Normandy during an event called the “Ranger Rendezvous” at Fort Benning, GA.  Nearly every veteran that I met on that day stated unequivocally that they were not heroes they were just doing what needed to be done.  However, that is precisely why we would call them heroes-they were willing to sacrifice EVERYTHING in order to save their fellow soldiers and accomplish a mission greater than themselves.

That personal encounter had a transformative effect on my life and future work as it allowed me to reflect on the meaning of heroism-selfless sacrifice in the service of a cause greater than yourself.  It also invited me to gain perspective on how I could view my life and career as a vessel for creating positive change.

Consulting, Coaching, Organizational Development, Team Building

What I have found over the past 25 years is that every successful soldier, entrepreneur, sales professional, or business person that I have met was willing to sacrifice their time, talent, and treasure in pursuit of their most important values.  Having worked with thousands of people either in leadership roles, academic research, coaching, or employment there is compelling, data-driven evidence that human beings are constantly driven to develop their most deeply ingrained skills and abilities.  When we combine values, skills, and abilities together that is where we find the seeds of the heroic life.

The Accelerate! Coaching program is about more than just motivation.  It is about constructing an action plan designed around solid business fundamentals that align your life and professional goals.  This is important because if your personal life or family situation is going well, very often there is stress and anxiety in other areas like your career or health.  Additionally, a great coaching program should equip you with tools that allow you to sustain actions, assess results, and grow for a lifetime.  Your action plan will be built around measurable indicators that maximize your personal competitive advantage and create an expectation of attaining your professional goals.

I believe the seeds of the heroic life can be found in every human being and hope you will join me for a free 20-minute strategy session today and see how we can work to Accelerate!, Ignite and Engage your Heroic Talents.

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