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Strongly DisagreeDisagreeSomewhat AgreeAgreeStrongly Agree

Above 50%Between 40-50%Between 30-40%Between 20-30%Below 20% or I do not know my gross margins

Above 50% over the next 12 monthsBetween 40-50% over the next 12 monthsBetween 30-40% over the next 12 monthsBetween 20-30% over the next 12 monthsBelow 20% or I cannot project sales growth

No pressure to adjust price based on competitionVery little pressure to adjust price based on competitionSome pressure to adjust price based on competitionTo regularly adjust prices due to competitionTo aggressively adjust prices due to extreme competition

Over 3 Years1-3 Years7-12 Months1-6 MonthsI do not currently have a business

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